HEGAZY is a New York-based duo made up of twin sisters Leila and Omnia Hegazy. After maintaining parallel careers as solo artists in seemingly opposite genres, Leila, a vocally-driven R&B singer and Omnia, a rebellious pop-rock artist fuse their musical styles to create their own distinct sound. The results: soulful harmonies, playful keyboard lines, dirty guitars, and catchy pop melodies.

Born to a Brooklyn-Italian mother and an Egyptian father, the twins grew up in Staten Island, New York. They wrote their first few songs together at the age of 11 before going their separate ways for high school and college. It was during this time that their solo careers blossomed: both sisters wrote, recorded, and performed their own music, making names for themselves in their respective genres. Leila became known her strong R&B soprano vocals and soulful grooves, while Omnia was widely recognized by music and TV media for her unapologetic and sometimes political pop/rock songs.

The sisters reunited musically in 2012 when they began sharing an apartment after college. While writing songs in adjacent rooms, their sounds eventually began to meet in the middle, and with the careful prodding of those closest to them, they began to collaborate. When their father passed away days before the start of 2016, Leila and Omnia came together for more than just emotional support. Within months, they had joined forces as HEGAZY.

The Hegazy sisters spent their first few years as a duo writing and honing their sound, all while performing at NYC’s most well-known indie venues. They recorded their debut EP “Young”, a soulful and gutsy testament to their experiences as millennials, in Summer of 2017 with Brooklyn-based arts collective Mason Jar Music. The first two singles off the EP were released later that year to positive acclaim. ‘Alive’, a feel-good ode to following dreams and rising above society’s expectations, and ‘Here To Stay’, a pro-immigrant anthem satirizing xenophobia and tying in with the US immigrant rights movement (#HereToStay), garnered positive attention from press outlets such as Pop Matters, Inspirer, Lemonade Magazine, and various others. The “Young” EP was released in full on February 9th, 2018, and will be followed by the release of a second EP and US tour later in the year.

“If you’re looking for songs with a soul, and talented artists with something meaningful to say, HEGAZY is the answer to your prayers.” – Babetalk

“All in all, HEGAZY have succeeded in creating a tight four-track package that is simply a joy to listen to.” – Good Music Matters (Review of the Young EP)

“Their [HEGAZY’s] smooth blend of pop and soul has an immediate effect.” – Teal Cheese

“Twins Leila and Omnia Hegazy are not only proving to the world that two is better than one, but also that music with a message can still be entertaining and fun.” – Talk Nerdy With Us

“Hegazy’s music is proof that, at the end of the day, a social message truly is a spiritual one…” – Diandra Reviews It All